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  1. I seriously think so though! My face hasn't changed since I was 12 xD
  2. I thought so man
  3. That's because I'm immortal!
  4. Yeah, the only thing I've done these past days is finishing the Sazh DLC and buy Malicious + Crescent Pale mist. I haven't really been playing. I'm currently waithing for my Tales of Graces F and Eternal Sonata imports.
  5. dude i totally forgot but i only see oisterboy online always so
  6. lol, you do know I'm HammieNL right?xD
  7. adddddd me UP ! YOU ! PSN: PoeticasO :P
  8. If you mean FFXIII-2, yeah I do. Why?xD
  9. Ey EY u playin on ps3 ? :O
  10. Okey will tell
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