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  1. Get on Xfire and I need to talk to you, it's about AION.
  2. You still play WoW at all?
  3. Oh, cool.

    BTW, try logging in from "", it's a website.
  4. Hey man. Xfire isn;t working for some reason, can't connect. But my little brother threw a HUGE ***** fit, and destroyed my computer. I finally bought a new one. Oh, and in 3ish weeks, I'm moving into a new house an hour away from my old town. So I will have all the time in the world to play any game I want in my new house. I don't know anyone where I going, so Ill be in my house all the time! :P
  5. Yeah, gotta eat dinner first, then I will.
  6. Aiight, can you get on Xfire though?
  7. Heyy man. I just recently got my computer and internet back. One hell of a story, man.
  8. Xfire please?
  9. We're both 20 atm, I'm a Rogue, he plays a Paladin and Priest. We're both Horde.
  10. Awesome! I'll let you know when I get a sub What level are you guys around? And are you Ally or Horde?
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