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  1. Check my post and you'll know where Kinrai is at the moment ^^. I actually forgot about him too(Quite shocking since he is my character..) but from here on I'll start focusing more on Kinrai.

    Indeed, it's odd how the characters are so young. We'll just need to change that, won't we? ^^. My character is 700+ years old so he certainly isn't young!
  2. Haha yeah that sounds like something Vice would do and want. Is Kinrai still in the library by the way? (is too lazy to look it up) With all this posting about Nilak I completely forgot where exactly Kinrai is.

    Haha different views ^^ Anyway I'll just read Curse of a Vampire again now so I can start on Bell since I have to change things around. Every character is so young o.O at least for a vampire...
  3. Excellent idea! Kinrai already found himself a map of Amn but he could accidentally lose it. Then conveniently Vice steps up and offers her services ^^. She could've found out about Kinrai's quest earlier and knows that he will travel the world in search of Nilak.

    It's a funny thing you'd mention it. I hadn't even considered that the islands looked like mountains! Heh, live and learn ^^
  4. That is too bad. Well you can't have everything. Well I'll just start to make my way to Nayru and see what I do. Best chance of finding a good magican in Nayru after all. Perhaps Kinrai needs someone with a good map to help him search ^^ I'll see, after all I have a book about magic so the basics must be learnable.

    You mean they aren't floating mountains *checks maps* Ah I always was under the impression that Riverna was solemnly floating mountains xD
  5. Ah, always ready to answer questions ^^.

    Yes, Balthazar has the Earth element but I understand why you want Nilak to be the one who would teach Vice. He seems much more the "teacher" -type ^^. Sadly Nilak doesn't have the Earth element though, he has Wind and Water. Also Nilak, Balthazar and Falteer will become fugitives who Kinrai and the rest start chasing. That makes it hard for Vice to seek apprenticehood from Nilak.

    Floating mountains.. that's a surprisingly accurate description of Riverna ^^. The islands do resemble mountains..

    Ah, but anyway, you might have to create an NPC for that purpose after all.
  6. Hey Takesh I had a question regarding Tales of Amn.

    I was thinking about finding a way to you guys and I think I found a good reason to go back to Nayru, but I was wondering: What element does Nilak have? You see I'm looking for someone who has fully mastered Earth. Of course I can always make someone up, but it is more fun if there was someone in our group that could teach Vice to learn that forbidden technic thing from Earth. Not that I have the right exp for it now, but it is going to be Vice's goal to learn that so that she can finally travel to Rivera (the floating mountains if I'm correct) and go into the sea and map it down. Of course I thought of Baltazar since he uses Earth too and can already use the second power, but it would be so much awesomer if I could search out Nilak xD
  7. Ah, glad to hear that. It's funny how you forget about yourself when you try to protect someone else from harm.
    The reason I really asked was because my cousin hurt her arm while snowboarding once. Her left arm was really smashed up so she had to wear a plaster cast for three whole months. The injury shocked her so much that she hasn't gone snowboarding in a while now.
  8. ^^ It is fine, not real damage done. I fell while I tried to call my brother for he went the wrong way, but since I can't skie that good and accidentally went over lots of bumps it was me who fell and not my brother

    It did hurt quite badly the first day, but now it is much much better I can lift it normally again without much pain so my guess is that after this week I'll be properly healed.
  9. Haha, sorry sorry ^^. I was just curious how badly your arm was hurt, that's all. Then I just decided not to ask in the end ^^ (.. but I was quick enough to click the send button though so I had to delete it).
    Then again now that I pretty much revealed what I wanted to say, I might as well ask.

    So how badly did you hurt your arm? I hope no bones were broken!
  10. You send me a message, but deleted it That is just mean! Now I'm soo curious to what you wrote

    Tell me!
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