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  1. I don't have energy atm
  2. Alright my IGN is Slightnudge
  3. Ah then avenger it is
  4. Same stats. The differences are Avenger does normal/elemental Faust does normal/shadow, 5 star avenger's charge has 3 swords while 5 star faust only has one, and Faust/Gran Faust's charge attack can inflict curse and it can also give you curse
  5. Well than idk :/// but i think faust has better stats :O
  6. People like avenger more than the faust
  7. Hmm avenger ain't worse than faust ? :O
  8. Aw crap I forgot I have the avenger recipe not faust T-T sorry
  9. well u can make me one for cheap if u want ^^ then i will buy it from you rather than from someone else
  10. I don't quite get what you mean by getting faust for energy. Maybe you meant getting faust with energy. If you are then I'll try to make one for you for cheap (maybe even for free if I'm in a good mood). Also Stone Tortoise to Omega Shell is a pretty good and cheap shield since the mats that you need can be bought with primal sparks (easiest of the 3 sparks to obtain). I would advise just getting the mats for stone tortoise and have someone make it for you (since the shield chain starts at stone tortoise) if you do want one so you don't have to pay 15k or more for a recipe
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