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  1. gah how do u give a fn puppet a personility
  2. Sweetness(:
  3. I sent you her sheet
  4. lmao Ya want me to make a sheet for Doll Marque or do u have one? lol i asked bloody(:
  5. I see. . . . Anywho, you should have three characters, just saying. *Mumbles something about needing someone to play as Doll.*
  6. lol ok ha she is(: we are finding pics for my twins at the moment(:
  7. persephone academy. i thought bloody was talking to you about it lol
  8. God fine be that way. . . lol jk what rp?
  9. Im working on the role play go away! just kidding lol
  10. Yo, thanks for the sheet. ok well im bored whats up?
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