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  1. Bravo Sierra is military lingo fo B and S meaning bullshit.
  2. whats Grade A Bravo Sierra? send me link on that cuz i game across many sites of the mention of it giving 2 different codes for the tyson code to fight mike. all in all i think its hog wash and a rumor
  3. Getting special is easy, but i think the Mike Tyson code is Grade A Bravo Sierra.
    that's the only site i can find with mention of the code.
  4. or was it mike tyson , i can't remember
  5. hey wow , i've never beaten but gotten far on super punch-out. I found a game genie code that if you beat all the circuits without losing you get to fight Mr.Dream on a bonus circuit or something. I've never got it to work thought you'd look into it and let me know if its just a rumor or if you can get it , screenshot mr.dream on super punch out for me
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