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  1. Hello there Fiery, just checking around to see if anybody still lives, cause it all just ended pretty suddenly. Pity they had to delete our group too, especially since those videos you made were there.
  2. Fine fine don't tell me then. Nehe only joking I'll wait patiently for the RP to start then. Indeed Copy cat could be much. Would be fun if he could copy all our abilities to a curtain amount, but then again what does the 2x mean...

    Well everybody would be a bit impossible to influece. That would use massive amount of power, so mostly one person. Still it can be used on more then one, which Kaori rarely does because it drains her strenght to much. I guess two is her normal max. (I have to go and work this out.. Thanks for the idea )
  3. Oh now how should I do this, either I can tell it now or wait for the rp to start. I think I wait for the rp to start because always funnier to reveal things there^^.
    And yeah no one got a power that's like the other, except I got no idea what Fluffys powers are. Copy cat could be anything, be fun to see what he has figured out.
    By the way when you are using your flute to influence emotions is it targeted at everybody who hears it or only a single person?

    Bad manners I have, I don't answer a question and then ask oneo.o
  4. Just read you charactersheets and I couldn't stop wondering why Mousetrap
    (Or is this a very stupid question and very obvious...... if so I feel bad)

    Glad you liked Kaori's powers Seems we all have something completely different. This is going to be fun.
  5. Haha yeahxD If you started with something else than f we could figure out something for you as well^^ Fiffy just doesn't,,, well it just doesn't ring the bell so to speak.

    Tests eh? Sounds harsh, also got some stuff to do after the holidays but not nine whole chapterso.o. I will not look forward to the day when I have to do thato.o.
    Goodluck with it though and emotions, rage and words eh? Sounds interesting, I look forward to seeing them^^
    I won't give any clues to mine because they are quite easy.
  6. Haha I just relpied to Fara that I finished them Have you figured out any original powers? Mine have to do with music, rage and emotion. (not to spoil all the surprise) I still have to laugh at Beffy xD Fluffy and Beffy. xD

    No I'm afraid there is nothing funny going on this week. I have to study, hard, for next week is test week for me and there are this ridiculous long tests from 2 / 2.5 hour about too much. Take biology for example. Nine chapters I have to study! Science 3 and History 5. No fair...
  7. Heya Fierfly just came in to ask how it's going for your two characters, hoping that all three of us be able to enter this one so... Well yeah I guess I became a stress factor: Bad Beffy. Bad!
    Ok moving on to funnier topics, oh man I got nothing-.- nothing really exciting has happened here recently... Going somewhere with some friends tommorow though, that be fun^^ Think it's some survival thingy,not sure never been there. Anything fun you got planned or taking the relaxed road which I been doing the last days?
  8. Thanx man. I appreciate all that Now I just have to wait for some good RP's to come along again and I'll be back on track.
  9. So how is it going? Haven't seen you in a while. Well of course the rps out right now maybe doesn't catch ones interest 100% but still... So how is that rp idea of yours going while talking about rps?^^
    Edit:: While on that subject, mind me asking what the general idea of the rp is? fantasy, sci fi, is it on earth, another land, well whatever you feel like telling
  10. Sounds like you already got an idea for a rp I hear? Great^^ even though the plot is still needed I'm glad someone is working on something, myself? I'm just lazy I guess:/ extra glad to hear it's an fantasy one at that^^
    Sad to hear you lost yourself in the maze of chemistry by the way I hope you find your way out eventually, a regular maze is enough of a bother, can't even imagine the horror of a chemist maze.
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