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  1. several years have passed and no wonderking? interesting!
  2. And thats when I'll make them cry in PVP - and feel better about myself.
  3. butt butt children will ruin it oh no my stress bar is 0 how to hunt more? hehe~? -.-
  4. Har har har.
    It won't be horrible. You can't ruin an amazing game like that. !
    It'll be automatically more fun because its in English.
  5. moozic gey four dingnotfuji
  6. im frightened to see how terrible the english version will be, oh wait i wont even be able to get passed the server selection screen, OOPS
  7. NEVER!
    I must await for my love. My only love - DFO. :O <3
  8. you should give minifighter a try after all you gave underwearking a try
  9. i play minifighter when alot of people are on the global version, when they're not on i play sdgo lolz
  10. loool. you addicted to SDGO now? haha.

    Thats awesome pic.
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