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  1. Woo! I'm not a sexist! Yeah, sure would love to have a relationship that lasted more than a month though. My latest crusade lasted for a whopping 4 days! Ugh, disaster after another. Feels like girls around my age only want to fool around. I mean for heaven's sake, why is it so hard to get someone to cuddle with and just watch some damn TV? ;_;.
    And now I'm contemplating on whether I'll put that above stuff there since it's kinda personal..

    Wow, you know more than I do. Cool, at least now I know what happened to Aqua. Did you hear the latest plot development from KH though? It's the thing that explains KH: 3D's plot (partly). You wanna hear it? It's pretty big.
  2. V/V Uhm.. Yeah, actually it is five. How the heck did I manage to count se-.. Oh right, the unedited version had seven.

    Essentially.. Yeah, Sentinels create worlds. However! A single Sentinel can only create one world, that's it. Hey.. !! That means Cupio(that was his name, right?) is a Sentinel since he created Silmeria! Oh my, this just got a lot more interesting. He's special though so I wouldn't call him a full-fledged Sentinel. Besides, Sentinels exist in the deepest part of the Ripple! Unless the Ripple is somehow connected to the place where Cupio is.. Hmm . Ugh, too many ideas at the same time.

    I never loan anything to my friends anymore. Too many precious things of mine have come back brutally savaged by their brutish hands. You need to demand it back from her! Imagine if she forgot it in some dusty corner where the poor thing is screaming from agony.. !

  3. IV/V

    Ah, looks like I forgot to delete that little ”this turned out short..” sentence ^^. Originally it only had like one or two sentences. Ooh! Progress on Eternal Wish!

    ”District” sounds cool and official, we should use that as the name for the.. well, different levels.

    Artificial Garden.. This sounds familiar. Did we come up with this in one of our earlier conversations? Nevertheless I'm so going to start from there.
    Ah, what is a academy without scholars and teachers? How much do they know about Sigil? Actually, do they know anything about the mirror?

    Mhm. After tiring myself with FF songs, I've moved on to SMT: Persona series songs. Tch, looks like the game/series I'm playing, I end up listening to their original soundtracks too. I stumbled on some fantastic pieces though.
  4. III/V

    Wu, Zestians – Hmm.. people that turn into crystal, and then hostile towards others. I see a sidequest in that ^^. Absolutely, the fire beetle's shell is so tough that it can withstand even direct contact with lava.

    We don't have things like finals here, really. It's just another test week. Do the finals consist of everything you've been studying up that year or something like that? Or is it really just another name for a test week?

    Oh! Just remembered a funny little research which I read. It said that men look for a challenge while women look for feelings and emotions in video games. Well, my roommate just told me that: ”According to this research, you're a girl. So.. wanna date, sweet cheeks?”. Actually both my roommates are now convinced that I'm a woman inside a man's body. Ugh.. I really hope they won't somehow turn my name into a girlish one.
    Oh. My. God. They want to turn me into one of those ladyboys/transvestites, don't they?! . Those sick perverts.. !!
  5. II/V – Hmm? Fed up of a fixed paycheck? So you want the kind of job where your profits mark your salary? It's a nice idea, too bad most of those jobs are selling stuff that people don't need. Speaking of jobs, did you manage to get a summer job? I didn't. It's depressing really.. *Sigh*

    Ohhh! Now I remember! Oren saw Andrim kill that blacksmith right? I had forgotten about that. Forgot about Reed? Don't worry about it, it's actually the way I prefer it for the time being ^^.
    By the way, don't feel too chained up with Cirno. Once Elrik and/or Vita are done talking to him, you can control Cirno so that he lets you go (NPC that he is). Of course if you want to stay and talk to him I'm fine with that too. Vita might be able to get some information about Andrim from him, if she deems it necessary.
  6. I/V – Nope ^^. However I sense something is amiss here. You don't seem your cheery self, at least that's the image I got from your replies. Did something happen? Or am I just imagining things?

    Well, the implication about the right ring finger you said would've been much better than the one my mother told me. If it was a running joke.. I'm not giving her anything on mother's day! But that thing about putting your purse on the ground.. now that's kinda funny, and superstitious ^^. I love that type of stuff though like breaking a mirror leads to 7 years of bad luck etc. Oh! And spilling salt leads to bad luck too. Reminds me of how silly we humans can be ^^.

    Ideal man, huh.. Yeah, pretty much the same with us guys. I can't believe guys who go to extreme lengths with bodybuilding. Do they actually think they look good? Actually same goes for women too who become bodybuilders. Working out is one thing but sheesh.. they don't even look healthy anymore in that state.
  7. Wouldn't it be 5?!

    You should! And then, when KH: 3D comes out, you'll be all caught up story wise! Ah, speaking of PSP, I gave my PSP and KH:BbS game to my friend. I wonder if I'll ever get it back. Luckily, she didn't delete my saved files.

    Yeah, magic works well against Vanitas. Or, "kill or be killed."

    Yeah, but you kind of did go there with Aqua. Well, in any case, she's the only Master that time...

    At least you know you aren't sexist. xD That and your girlfriend will know no one will bully her with you around.

    Well, Aqua put Ventus in a room within Castle Oblivion, but I think Terra/Xehanort had Castle Oblivion created to get closer to Ventus, despite forgeting about him. Ventus's heart entering Sora is the Secret Ending. Aqua was in the Realm of Darkness. Continued in KH: 3D!
  8. IV/IV

    Short? Well, I'll just add some updated information! I started working on Avant Bastion. I decided it to be like a tower, with several floors, as followed:


    Base: Forbidden/Storage/Mirror Room
    1: Workers Corridor
    2: Bathing Area
    3: Student Dorms
    4: Lounging/Entertainment/Rec Area
    5: Medical Treatment
    6: Artificial Garden - endless supply of edible food (new technology that "cloned" food from the past).
    7: Shopping Area
    8: Dining Area
    9: Self-Learning Area
    10: Academy
    11: Private Tutoring
    12: Dorm of Scholars
    13: Dorm of Educators

    Yeah, it is a difficult piece. But then, that's what makes Final Fantasy music so amazing!

    Yup! And the response: "Well, you know, blah blah blah...but not really." Ah, people make complicated things simple all the time. How else are novels created?

    So...Sentinels are world creators? :O
  9. III/IV

    Wu, Zestians - What if the lightshow created by the crystal geckos and lava becomes hypnotic, causing the weak-minded to be attracted towards them and thus burn up -- What if crystal people like things were created from that?! Like anti-form Sora, but in crystal form! As for the giant fire beetles, they can "swim" in the lava like fish.

    I'm finally done with finals, which means school.
  10. II/IV - Well, maybe not ANY job. I'm kind of fed up with getting a fixed price for a paycheck. Oh, that tactic worked for Yummy Sushi, but well, sadly, applications are necessary.

    Vita doesn't like the fact that Andrim is a murderer. While she materialized in Amn, everyone lived a life full of attachments, or are supported by family members who created new lives for more connections. That said, Vita wouldn't leave him to die, because he also has connections. Really, she just wants answers for Andrim's ruthless behavior.
    ...I forgot about Reed. Ah well. And thanks for the tip about Elrik, because otherwise, Vita would have been dragging two bodies.
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