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  1. I've been on a mission, of great importance. Sent by the King of Catlings himself.
  2. Yes you were. You used to make awesome comments about me.. and now you just ... don't do that anymore.
  3. My loyalty? D: I was never a cat under your command!
  4. What happened to your loyalty?
  5. Hey Cat. How does one become a Paladin?
  6. Oh great catling, your lord is quite good. I agree about the stuff he does not approve.
  7. Oh good god, no you cat. All you can have is some catnip, that's it.
  8. I rather take your penis.
  9. You're such an evil cat, I can't believe you're a paladin...tsk tsk tsk... Anyway I just wanted to offer you some catnip, want some?
  10. What the **** you want?
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