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  1. LOKKK I made one. Took like 2 hours lol. Hoping this one can survive.
  2. I am still thinking out the details but I might be making one. Kinda busy but was planing to just join one but havent seen anything new by anyone =(.
  3. Oooh! Okay. Where? I've been bored for some time.
    Are you making a RP or do you have a RP in mind?
  5. Yeah, only Kain's post looks remotely intriguing. :/ I know the difficulties of college now. I feel your pain. :l Never take Honors English while you have History on the same day (you think I would have learned that in High School).

    Anyway, I hope you join Kain's RP.
  6. Heya =). Yea was surfing the RP forums and didnt see anything I really was interested in. I am hella busy with college, so thats why I have been inactive. I think I might join Kain's RP, for old times sake
  7. Hi, *sky! I saw that you visited my profile, so I decided to drop by and say "hi".

    SO, what have you been up to? How is school for ya? The RP community has gone down lately, so I'm kind of bored. I mean, I SHOULD be doing my homework, but I can't stand spending nearly all my energy to complete assignments. :/

    I see that there aren't that many comments here since I last commented. :l School must be a pain, eh? Or is there not much to talk about?
  8. When Academy 2 was put up, I thought it could have been similar. Sadly though Blionix randomly didnt come back. If I had more time on my hands I would try to remake the second one (I would need permission... and since he is never really on that would be hard) Survival looked good, but I dont have enough time at the moment to do multiple ones. Crystal Peaks looks like it can be one of those long standing ones. Anglo can go multiple ways to keep it entertaining. Also, as shown in the past and now, long decent size posts keep roleplays going.
  9. Indeed. The Academy was hardcore. Hopefully, the RPs I am involved in (Happy Home, Survival, Blood Pack) will remain to be/are just as hardcore as that RP. :3 I'm scared for Happy Home, though. It's dying!
  10. haha. I actually totally forgot about that. I didnt want to get captured but didnt want to let Imushu hang around for awhile when I didnt post. I dont think it will be as hardcore as the Academy was.
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