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  1. I understand perfectly with the Death Note reference. Is there any limit to which the distance can be in which Cerelis can use this magic? Can she like…‘transfer’ to another person from halfway across the entire continent of Heoden altogether? .
  2. Huh? I did? Oh dear My mind escapes me sometimes. Ah, it doesn’t matter who’s last to post to be quiet honest, it’s a group effort to post in the RP, its not exactly a rush, rushed posting can often lead to obvious mistakes in your writing, which I know only too well in the past. Until I finally decided to start RP’ing seriously (Around the time I started ED).

    I got it? :O Yay! I’m glad I understood, I was afraid that I misinterpreted what you said altogether, glad I didn’t! .

    Alarei’s skills are very easy to remember because they are very vague. I just said that Alarei can wield ‘arcane magic’ but the extent to which they can be performed, and their uses are a mystery, which adds a bit more mystery around Alarei, which I like, you’ll get to see his powers soon enough too ^^.
  3. Funny enough, I haven’t been keeping up to date with Harry Potter, the last one I watched was the prisoner of Azkaban O.O I need to catch up! Twilight is doing the same thing right I think? Splitting the last story into two parts, I don’t know why, but I think they’re just making an excuse to milk the series dry haha. Who am I kidding, of course they are!! (Even though breaking dawn is a large book). Haha, I’m guessing he’s you celeb crush then? . If anything, my celeb crush has got to be Katy Perry, but when every girl asks me who it is, and I tell them, they cringe heavily at me and I’m like HUH!?! SHES HAWT!!

    If I remember correctly, Beastly is basically a modernised adaptation of Beauty and the Beast right?

    Oh, I’ve played infamous once, for like 5 minutes at my nephew’s house, but the spoiled brat that he was couldn’t share the controller with his uncle so that he can have a little go .

    Ah, I need a PSVita .
  4. Yeah, ONrpg can be a particularly unsafe place, its fantastic that we have such great RP’ing members however, and we’ve been friends for god knows how long . Haha, the time it took for me to reply wasn’t intentional , but yeah, I get what you mean. Well I’m glad I replied quickly then x3. Oh dear! You’ve gotten slightly ill have you? There’s an Onrpg virus spreading around Dx.

    VM’s can be quite personal, it always bugs me that anybody can see them, but I never mind too much because I don’t talk about anything too worrying so, yeah .
  5. Funny how you greeted me a few minutes after posting your previous comment. x) I know, but lately I've felt like I'm the last to post (or to post when everything becomes "quiet"). Yay, you understood! I sometimes get lost in my own words, backtrack, and completely lose people. Well, that seemed to happen with Cerelis's skills, now that I look at it.

    It's okay. I had to reread my CS as well, considering I forgot the names of Hiro's spells.

    To answer the main question: no, neither Cerelis nor Hiro can influence/manipulate/lift a dragon (or anything as large as it). xD

    The mirror/reflect image you have as well as the comotose state are both correct, but as far as the contracted person, Cerelis just has to know the person in order to contact them. Think Death Note (the need for a name and face), but she obviously can't kill them.
  6. Yeah, and the time restraint of the movie prevents all the added bonuses of the book. After all, look what happened with "Harry Potter." People have to watch "Part 1" and wait until "Part 2" is released, which must be a pain. It's best when a movie is condensed, and as (I think) I've said before, I really like the main actor. He also played in "Beastly" around the time of "I Am Number Four" (I think ), and the characters were truly different (but he had the "lurker" role in both, possibly their only similarity, apart from a touch of romance).

    For some reason (even though I haven't really played it), "I Am Number Four" reminds me of "Infamous." When I saw the demo for "Infamous 2," the dude was shooting magic out of his hands, which reminded me of John's legacy.

    Ah, I need a PS3...
  7. Yeah, in the end, the "privacy" feature isn't that helpful, especially when I constantly see accounts being banned (proving that not everyone can be trusted).
    Meh, I sometimes take my time replying as well (mostly for Takesh), but I'm glad you replied so quickly (and on the day I found a computer! Temporarily, of course). And after you recovered, I caught something. Luckily, it only causes me to get dizzy at times, and I can function. :3

    Well, if you read any of what Takesh and I are discussing (another "private" feature made public for snooping eyes ), you'd know that I can talk (and so can Takesh). Actually, the latest comment beside my recent ones are from Takesh! How about that? x)
  8. So Cerelis can use this ability when she has come in contact with the person physically? Like as in touching them? Or do you mean like a person that is within the proximity of Cerelis?

    Picturing this as astral projection is really helping me a lot in understanding this .

    Ah, so the contacted person is basically a mirror for the damage in which she herself will endure within her own defenceless body (and vice versa to the contacted person)? I understand. So what happens to Cerelis’ body when she is inside another to speak. Does she contract signs which are similar to a coma until she leaves the persons body once more?

    I have no problem with this ability, and I’m sure it can ONLY be used on humans again, and not against something like a freakin’ dragon .
  9. Hello again! Okay, I’ll take a look now and see what I think, don’t worry about not being able to post, I understand we sometimes have problems which prevent us from posting!

    I had to reread your powers in your CS so that everything would make sense because I kind of already forgot Hiro’s powers and whilst reading this it confused me greatly , but now I understand so it’s okay . Yes, I understand what kind of attack you’re going with for Hiro, I understand that it’s a last resort special skill and that it can come in very useful under strained circumstances. I have no problem with this ability at all, and I know that you will find a balancing point so that Hiro doesn’t seem to overpowered from the rest of the group.

    I’m guessing with Hiro’s ability he can’t lift anything bigger or stronger than a human…for example…a massive dragon, am I right? .
  10. I believe you have not told me that you finished “I am number four”, it’s a great read isn’t it? . Yeah, the novels with movie adaptations always differ slightly differently from the movie, probably just to try and keep it as original and as fresh as possible I guess, so that people who have previously read the novel before the movie can expect something different, and vice versa.
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