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  1. I come out of a dungeon with about 5k a run, so 2k profit every run x the number of times I have to refill my energy. I could play FOREVER and have a blast and make mediocre cash over al ong period instead of great cash in days.

    I had to coax my grandparents into loaning me a small amount of there vast paycheck to loan me for one.. Finding a job is impossible here.... 4 months, 20 places and I send in applications every other week...
  2. Well that's true.. I dunno how much of a profit you're making anymore, with energy at like 3.4k x.x Also! Yay you!
  3. Well I've been getting enough $ every run to refill my bar, but i'm trying to get Two star armor at the same time so its a little hard. I should use my cash on energy and hoard loot for gears later on when I'm having a busy day.. Also NEW COMPUTER INCOMING! WOOOO!
  4. I hate games that limit my playtime >:\
  5. It's F12! Also, you need to do FULL runs. Like, from floor 0 to floor 8. Or floor 8 to floor 17. ._. I have enough crowns to buy a full tank of energy after every run D: and it's only like 60 energy to do one! Takes like 5 or 6 runs to make one item but it's worth it. xD
  6. Lol I can't win at close range, my connection is too bad for that, luckily I rarely miss with my sniper rifle.
  7. I'm like..always close range. xD When I'm too far I usually snipe & fail then make a warpath to the person I sniped at D:
  8. How the hell do you get rifle kills? That thing is sooo inaccurate for me!.

    And my internet is being terribad, I pay for 10 MBPS internet and I'm only getting 3-8 ****ing local isp.
  9. ill do that tomorrow
  10. Ask Rizev to add you to the guild D:
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