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  1. lol, i know how you feel about that too ^_^
  2. lolz, i know how you feel but i found that a convorsation is best started by learning the commonalities one holds with another ^_^

    as for ended... not a clue lolz, besides... bye and i dont wanna talk to you any more... which is just a bit rude ^_^
  3. lol, ok, i just didnt know what you ment by your silence ^_^
  4. i really didnt mean that as an insult if you took it as one my appologies
  5. lolz, i know how you feel though, i think if you were to start your own and it took off, you would get more respect as a role player

    any ways... ill think about it
  6. That's probably just because there's two different groups RP-ing two different things that happen simultanously..... I can still follow it quite well (Because everyone's leaving my character to fend for himself left and right *Grumble*)
  7. idk... im thinking about it but its very confusing
  8. hey lol, check out illusionist: battle of bands, its gonna be epic ^_^
  9. ha! i got your first post!
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