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  1. Gonna try to catch up with you on BP. But this lagg man...
  2. Irony, I have something I need your advice on, pm me.
  3. Hey Irony, does it make any sense that I turned up the graphic quality on my card and the games I got are now running about 2x better than when they were turned for performance?
  4. What is it with senior citizens thinking they know everything about computers when they can't even figure out how to turn them on?
  5. Yea I know man, been trying to get money for a computer for years...

    I may sell my 360 since its bringing me nothing but pain and rage...
  6. Well when you have the money then tell me and I will put together a build.
    Prices and hardware changes a lot so it's best to do it close to when you are ready.
    Don't try to go too far out of a budget you can handle and don't try to rush it.
  7. lets say about 600-700.

    I could put in over half by myself at the moment but I will have to work off or get someone to loan me $200 more for a $700 pc.
  8. Well if you put a budget I could put a part list together but you will have to look up stuff on how to put things together.

    There is nothing wrong with buying a prebuilt case except that they are more expensive and are less powerful.
  9. Got any suggestions? Grandparents wont help me get a new one and getting a job here is ridiculously difficult so I'm working odd jobs for random people to work up the cash. So when I saw that PC I was determined to get it then change parts later. Dunno though...
  10. The desktop will play newer games at high settings except for a few unless you play at a really high resolution like 1920x1080 then you will have to play at lower settings for more newer games.

    It seems to be out of stock though.

    It's always cheaper and better to build your own rig though.
    For the price they sell that one you could build one that is much stronger.
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