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  1. Well, drunken mouths speak sober thoughts
  2. Haha, aww! It's alright. It was actually pretty flattering, to be honest. :$
  3. My message 3 posts down made me lol a lot. I musta been pretty drunk sorry for being creepy.
  4. I know, right :o Can you believe it? Zym's back!!
  6. (Ohgosh, I'm so slow! Sorry, been so busy...)

    Awww. You're adorable!
    Thank you, that is so sweet of you. <3
    Might post something there tonight, got some new pics. ^^
  7. omgwtfhax. Why are you so freakin' adorable!? Stop in more often and post in the PYP threads. I'm sick of seeing all these dudes with their shirts off. Your cuteness makes up for the flaming homosexuality in that thread xD
  8. :] well, stick around, we're fun.
  9. Thanks. :>

    Haha. Not late, I'm still a newfag.
  10. :P Hay there. Welcome to OnRPG (a little late, but a welcome none-the-less)
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