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  1. what epic quest do you have to do?
  2. but ele! i solo kings :o
  3. it only matters to the other folks who visited your member page. :/
  4. I'm still not entirely sure who Ceres is, seen a post or two but nothing I've paid attention to. xD It doesn't matter to me.
  5. i dont want to be in that dnf thread joke why am i whoareyou guy? well now im not the whoareyouguy but why are we ceres in the first place? i heard fael and ash saying ceres a few times after i told them i had 13 hammer kick for my street fighter its a very common thing among pvp builds.. =\
  6. I eat your yummy yummy jokes. So there. <3
  7. i knew that, i was just stating a joke :/
  8. no, no. Those are totally on purpose. Neck snap's cancel does like, half my suplex damage. So youuu shush.
  9. is that where all your lv.3+ necksnaps come from? lol
  10. shaaaaaaadap. xD
    That one was an accident from when my mouse would double click. It's a terribly busted mouse, but I have a new one now..x3
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