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  1. Happy Birthday
  2. I notice that if the video isn't in HQ it turns out crappy.
  3. I hate that little watermark they have tho, and the horrible quality of them.
  4. Xeno was talking about that other girl I had a while back.
    I've become so obsessed with this singer that I just pause what I do and I just stare at her music videos. Often..
  5. Chick in your sig doesn't even look that young exaggerating Xeo. But yes she need to eat I'll feed her my special hot dog.
  6. Man this shit need to notify you if you get a message or something. Also if you do my love will grow greater for you even though your Canadian. The fact that I said that with Hayden avatar oh...useless don't get any sick ideas.
  7. Great signature :P
    BTW, I'm leanring how to make gifs soon so ill make that one look much better.
    HD Hayden baby!
  8. Eh I'm not really into K-pop I just like the 3 video single taeyang put out. I'm more mesmerized by his choreographer. But yeah I watched and google what you said saw some pretty good stuff.
  9. No Sir I haven't why?
  10. Yo guy, have you heard of "Masamixes"?
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