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  1. Aww, why thank you for this, treat.

    -takes one bite-

    It's delicious-HNNNNNNNNNNNNG
    -heart attack, diabetes and brain explodes-
  2. I'm just going to leave this here. Hope you enjoy it, spent all day cooking it.

  3. -gasp- That's MY thing!
    But I can play Portal and Half-Life 2, so it's aaaaawwwwll goood.
  4. You poor thing. Tweet about it xD
  5. Oh my lawdy...damn the internets.
    I'm pc can't play Fallout 3...>_<
  6. And just think you still have a good 3-4 before you can really play the jaded cynical teenager card. Just imagine how desensitized you'll be by then.
  7. Know what's sad? I'm not that grossed out by it. I've been desensitized by da interwebz...oh lawdy. >_>
  8. I did see it

    I <3 ponies
  9. I would nevar! -logs IP address-
    Did you see that troll thread? Oh my lawd. They need to lurk more.
  10. Yes that is my real last name, now you can be all stalkrwar
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