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  1. oh thanks!
    btw, dont you make a lot of money? :P cant you just buy another for me?
  2. Worlds are saved in Yourname/appdata/roaming/.minecraft/saves
  3. >___< <3. is it possible to transfer worlds from 1 account to another?
  4. I have.. I am trying to get another account for you :S.
  5. can you just check any email it can be please? :P
  6. >_< ive KNOW I changed it to something I use a lot. But now it doesnt work :/
  7. What.. how could I know the password :S?
    I've bought that account when it was like $10 and I don't remember the email :S.

    Can't you just do wild guesses on it X_X?
  8. hey, message me my minecraft account's pw, i think i mistyped it when i changed it
  9. yo dawg<3 buy me blacklight! its fiddy percent off this weekend
  10. Get on steaaaaammmmm D:
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