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  1. Don't suppose you're still lurking around here are you Fara?
  2. B-man ya old sonova ******!

    Naw man, instead of stroking some random white cat, you'd be stroking a *****.. cat! HA! Gotta love them puns

    CoaV ain't dead mate . I'll continue it once the time is right. Can't be bothered to do it now since there's so little activity at the moment.
  3. I been expecting you Mr Fluffy...

    Yeah, doesnt' really work with that name you know, neither when it is I who come here to chat. But hey I didn't come here to check how well your name work when you rush into the villains lair and he turns his chair, stroking that white cat of his... Well not entirely at least, it sort of turned out that way it seems though. Funny how things goes.

    Anyhow, back to the topic I came here for. COAV! Has it ended or what?:P Just wondering if you decided for yourself that it's dead and gone or just in power saving mode as the other rps had been for a while.
  4. YOUR country? What, you the king of Sweden, Beffy? . My sincerest apologies for not informing you, my good man, but I was in a hurry.
    By the way I did ask help and you did help me later, you just don't know it yet! You summoned the imaginery polar bears, which you can't see but who in your/some people's theory still exist, to help me from drowning. Then later you ordered the polar bears to construct me a raft, remember?
    Oh and you also gave 10 million euros, thanks for those by the way .

    That all happened because.. Sh*t man, because of the "String Theory" or somethin'. Yeah, I think the dynamite won't work since it's wet but.. Damnit, I'm not running back to Finland .
  5. Pft seriously Fluffy, you cross the mountains here in my own country without even telling me and now you plan to swim over the Fierfly with dynamite on your back? It get wet silly Why not just ask me for help instead Not that I got a boat or anything but I could give you information on how to avoid those polar bears which apparently resides here in Sweden according to some countries Not that I ever seen one but my theory is that all Sweden people got an ingrained ability to avoid the polar bears so that's why we ourself never see them, while everybody else can only just avoid being gobbled up the moment they set their foot here. I'm rambling a bit I think but I stick to my theory none the less.

    Now where was I? Boat it was? Yup no help there, anything else? No. Then goodluck with the dynamite^^ Just don't accidently lit it up while still in the neighbourhood and that be great
  6. Something along the lines in snowyness here as well, and the cold. But what can you expect over here? Global warming my butt (the other word for it got censored(

    Yeah I looked over Takesh rp and I can promise one thing, I won't be one of the elves with an fairy. I can just imagine what a murderous bastard my character be with the constant "hey listen" "hey listen" coming from that little blue ligthing bulb flying around. So yeah not one of those:P
    Edit:: Seems like I read it wrong, thought only high elfs had fairies but apparently everyobdy has one

    Great! Then tell me how they react Hmm, maybe I should do that myself one day
  7. Rain is like a cannibal.. Huh, that actually makes sense . It's been snowing a LOT here during this week. The ground is all white and it's at least -10 Celcius.

    My "friendship counter" starts from the day we first talked . There are no pauses!! So yeah, we HAVE known each other for a year now . Haha! Yeah, I'll be making snow angels and look at the geezers with a "In your face!" expression . That'd be cool.

    2-3 months? Well everyone gotta suck someday . Then you just blow their heads off the next time! Not literally of course.. Talking about blowing a head off, did you notice Takesh's RP yet? Holy gibberwingle!! It's going to take a year for me to read all of it .

    Yup! Right up in the air . FYI the arrows didn't hit any birds. Not exactly an easy target to hit .

    Mwah mwah! Slightly tempting! You know you want 'em . That's actually a great idea.. I'd love to see their reactions too! Think I'll cook 'em up for next weekend..
  8. Wait! Were you shooting those arrows right up in the air? Be happy you didn't hear a sudden thump of a body falling down when you did

    A wiener in a dough!_! That sounds crazy and disturbing and... Sligthly tempting actually. Make some more one day and offer it to your friends, I love to hear how they reactxD

    I realized rain is like a cannibal. It eats up its own subspeciesD: In this case the snow. Though it snowed again so its alright^^

    And have we really known each other for a year? From what I remember you made a run for it to the canned food restaurant for half a year
    Nothing wrong with snow angels, I do them at times too, want some more snow before that though. Let the child inside you live! Teach those old geezers that snow angels are perfect for any age^^

    Just done archery for 2-3 months though I think it is, it made me sad when everybody got higher scores than me on one occasion, and I'm the eldest of the ones training therexD Though next time it went better

    Man.. I just realized we've known each other for a year now! . I just realized it because this isn't the first time we've talked about snow . It started snowing a few days ago here! Man, I'd go outside and make some snow angels but.. the neighbours might think I've gone crazy or somethin'. A guy in his early 20s making snow angles.. Haha!

    Dude! You have archery!? Aw man! I've always wanted to do that . Hmm.. now that I think about it, there are places here where I can do some archery. I've shot a few times with my cousin.. Damn, those arrows flew HIGH I tell ya . It was fun to watch where the arrow would drop.

    Heh, I tried a recipe of my own today . I stuffed a wiener into dough and threw it into the oven. It was pretty good actually.. Haha! It really was! .
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