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  1. Urgh.. !! My cover has been compromised! Requesting immediate back-up from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S headquarters!! MAYDAY!

    Such "swings" happen every now and then, the lack of desire to RP I mean. I'm glad you're launching it again though ^^. Well you've never lacked confidence, at least from what I've gathered, so I'm sure you can do it. My helping hand is still here if you ever need it.

    PS. Haha! Well that really isn't surprising since we are both interested about anime & manga. I'd say it would be weird if we didn't talk about those.
  2. Eh?? STALKER!! Stay away from meeeeh~ !!

    Ahem! Yeah I'm thinking of launching Blood of a Vampire again. Ha! Guess it ended pretty quickly last time. Dunno what hit me, I just didn't feel like RPing it at all . I'm pretty confident I can handle it myself this time but thanks for the offer anyways

    PS. Sheesh, you two(you and Lokuri).. Always talking about anime
  3. I couldn't help but stumble upon something interesting a while ago. You're having thoughts about relaunching umm.. *checks the name* Blood of a Vampire? I was sad how it ended so abruptly last time so I'm more than excited to see it up there again ^^. If you're having any problems with the RP, don't hesitate to ask help! I want it to succeed this time, if you're going to launch it ^^.
  4. Well.. I guess I could try my hand at this stuff. Ya never know till you try, right? . I'll let ya know if it turns out terrible .
  5. Thanks ^^. Yeah I can make you one once I get in the mood but really, making signatures is very easy. It takes time but it isn't hard ^^. There are only two things you need: Photoshop and a set of cool brushes. I download most of my brushes from deviantART but I'm sure you can find them in other places as well.
    As for tutorials, you can just search google with a few keywords like "signature tutorial".

    Hit me with a message if you still want me to make you a signature of the ever awesome Sephiroth ^^.
  6. Hey Takesh! I noticed that awesome sig of yours. SO! I got a question for you.. would you mind making me a sig? . It would be of Sephy of course.
    OR teach me man! How'd you make your sig?
  7. Yes, I noticed that ^^. I'm still not exactly sure if I'll join. Time will tell ^^.
  8. HELLO! You've been invited into Anglo's RP man!! . Check it out! We now have 5 members so we're running a bit short

    SAVE US!!
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