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  1. Your still around?
  2. :/ Kansas, currently 11:52 AM
  3. East coast,united states. its 8:17 pm right now xD
  4. Ah kk. You have a weird time zone.

    *Throws Books at Tk* Thats for leaving!!!! *Cries* Your so evil for leaving!!!!
  5. Thing of some idea's and message me with them and we shall start on a new mithril xD
  6. I like that proposal I would love to help.
  7. indeed it would,maybe even bring back Mithril. with your help.
  8. Lol, my life is all chaos right now so I have all the time I need here. Since I dont got school to worry about and my only job is babysitting. It would be awesome as hell if you found time to get on here more.
  9. haha,Damn i haven't Had much time to get on this site,sense i started college. Im hoping to become active again.
  10. lol yes, yes I do.
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