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  1. Actually, summoning requires 2-3 elements, but if you look at Takesh's examples of summonings beneath the elements in ToA, no summoning comes without risks. Conflicting elements (fire&water, earth&air) are harder to successfully "balance," which means three elements has to not only "balance" conflicting elements, but another element entirely.

    I remember Takesh say you "borrow" an element for summonings with 3 elements, since mastering 3 elements is nearly impossible. Also, I assume the "borrowed" element would be "basic." For example, in the case of water, you couldn't "borrow" ice, since ice is an advance state of water.

    Don't worry. The art of summoning is in respect to those living in Amn. My RP will explain where summonings came from and why summonings exist in the first place. So, um...since the art of summoning is exclusive to Takesh's RP, he may be more help than I am. ^_^; *sweatdrop*
  2. Is it possible to reveal a gist of how summoning works? I only know about the requirement for 3 elements. However, i'm clueless as to the procedure to go about doing it.

    It will happen in a flashback, where a character attempted to do a summon with initial success, but was cut short. And I don't want to introduce any inconsistency with summoning in respect to your RP
  3. Yeah, sorry. My PM inbox is full. xD

    Sure! I don't own Voco e Vorago. xD
    Takesh and I were actually talking about Voco e Vorago for awhile (I should reply to our latest comments) and we know for a fact that that book will most definitely be found...eventually. My RP is incomplete (so far from being complete that it is merely a bunch of ideas), but Voco e Vorago has ties to it (such as there being an actual world for summonings and why they can be summoned). Oh and moon elves are sent from the world of summonings (Silmeria) to find and return the book, but they have to remember their "mission."

    So um...yeah, if there is anything you want to know or discuss, don't be afraid ask or tell me (or Takesh, since he knows as much as I do).
  4. Can't send any PM, so will have to use visitor's message.

    For my next post, is it possible for me to reference to Voco e Vorago?
    That one character saw it once in their studies. Or is this book never meant to be found :O?
  5. Just asking to wonder you will write one more post before heading to your room, or will that be the end of this chapter, and Jack Rabbit could come around and close all the doors.
  6. Oh goodie. I just got scared that everyone was too busy to continue it. :o
    I love your walls of text.
  7. Still here, waiting for befram, and firefly to post. lol, don't want them to come back and get a big scare from the wall of text.

    And thank you for your comment on my post, and I'll try to continue the quality afterwards.
  8. Please tell me you haven't given up on "Happy Home". The RP stalled and I want to confirm with everyone whether or not they will continue it.
  9. LOL, it's like i'm looking at behind the scenes. Anyway, sorry for the late reply, took a while to write the post, and yes, now Nichelle is looking for Ethane somewhere, and Jack Rabbit will try to bring Liam to where all the fun is.
  10. Alright, ignore my latest note. In all honesty, I just wanted to say "Hi" and write something on you a few visitor messages. :x
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