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  1. Yeah dood :c
  2. Ugh! I just want to go on awesome adventures with you!
  4. I found a new sig for you
  5. You kidding? I'm burning that grape apeeeeeeeeee man. Real clones from Cali! xD

    Can't post in the thread. Already got too many infractions for drug discussion *eyeroll*
  6. I'm totally going to do that once I get my speakers working. Will start with Fists Of Fury, then Drunken Master(1978), and end with Kung-Fu Hustle. I'll be high as balls. It'll be entertaining.
  7. Ahaha. Someday :]
  8. I wish my computer had working speakers so I could stream again, I'd totally be down to do a kung fu night tonight haha.
  9. Haha. That sounds pretty badass...I wish I could do that, but I have to be "responsible" and shit today > (got some shit to mail out at the post office for a secret Santa, and I really can't deal with that lady super stoned hahaha).

    But, I don't have any plans tonight
  10. My morning has consisted of watching kung fu movies and smoking dank. I just wanted to share that with someone who would appreciate it.
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