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  1. Hey man you still around? haven't seen you in a while..
  2. bryan need to talk to you asap on xfire or steam talk to me boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  3. so basically ive got something to show you, BUT you cant tell anybody because it means much to me, please I trust you with this. Please Bryan PLEASE I trust you with this

    get on ****ing xfire noob :>
  4. hi how are ya?
  5. Yea busy aswell, work school etc hehe. Planning on buying new pc soon though for all the upcoming mmo's but meh.. its so expensive
  6. good, just SUPER busy. How about you?
  7. havent seen you online lately, how are ya?
  8. Hey mate havent seen you on xfire for awhile... you ok?
  9. so yea, Hi!
  10. Bryan I exit xfire by accident and now the scene is gone........... GET ONLINE AND SEND ME AGAIN GOD DAMN
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