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  1. Raaaaggeeeeeeeeee

    okie dokie
  2. you didn't seem to get my visitor message. try to understand what i meant.

    ps.i don't play wow, ew :O
  3. You still on ye'oldie WoW? i just got back into it with viiral and was wondering if you followed it through
  4. nandayo~?!
  5. And call me Mr Snugglekins? :P see the comic - get the joke
  6. im gonna catch you with a aquaball
  7. scuse me last time i checked you need balls to T-bag thank you very much becareful thou they have +10 damage on each one
  8. he made demons. he created everything except your unexistant balls. o.0
  9. eh god is a cool person he kills demons and doesn't afraid of anything
  10. what is why you men have balls, god made women own men with a single kick.
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