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  1. i bet you were in bed with seya for like a month or so and then give me some other world excuses i wont fall for, you cheating on me still? oh and what is this armpits talk?

    inb4 you go in bed with that red head lmao you hater
  2. you so silly i was missing thats why i leave no message. they kidnapped me and did things to me it was so sad.
  3. you dating seya?! is that why you have no time to leave a visitor message?
  4. what is this seya is it some kind of warhead? im stuck between a rock and a hard place here.
  5. go away you seya freak lmao
  6. T.T but i dont want to defending you is more fun
  7. when im attacked im not defended and whenever i see you defend random people it makes me feel like im attacked. im going to sleep hmph jerk

    go marry seya and live happily ever after!!
  8. hate that goraemon or doraemon crap viiral posts i hope he dies
  9. I'll make it up to you in the only way I know how ^^
  10. always gotta message me on my sleep time FUFUFUFUFU
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