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  1. James McCaffery, im not gonna be on until later this week though because im out of town. I'll be back on when i get back though =D
  2. What is your character name? But forced to play on my alt now. Due S2 & S3 are off.
  3. alright sounds good, perhaps whenever you get the chance you can help me get to the outlands, im tired of running and being scared all the time
  4. My main char is euhm, in outlands :P and my alt in the canals.
  5. Yes, I do Im on the canals on my current character right now. Assuming your new id be happy to show you what's what on the servers. Or if you already play it's always nice to meet a new friend

    better yet add iamlegend2900 on xfire
  6. You still playing at Taco&Banana?
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