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  1. thanks i got it working now
    if this was gamefaqs i would have gotten cheesy sarcastic replies instead of help (no joke)

    i'll raise your reputation
    Also, look at the vampire thread -,..,-
  2. Sorry, my page didn't load the first time
    Be right back
  3. How do you put up pictures, when I do it the only thing that comes up is a link
  4. did u put image tags on them? so for example:

    another couple things u need to know is:
    -make sure the picture is not too big although it would probably auto-resize.
    -reupload the picture on imageshack or, some sites prevent u from hotlinking to images.
    -make sure its the image's direct link u use in a signature, so for imageshack, u upload the picture, then click it twice and then u right click the image and copy the direct link of the image. the link needs to end with .jpg or .bmp or .png
  5. How did you make your signature picture visible?
    On my control panel it says I have a sig pic up and I can see it there but when I view my profile or post a message it doesn't appear
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