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  1. Oh noes. Sorry to hear it bud, I was hoping it was better than what was heard. Bummer ah well, sure there are other games out there like it.
  2. I only played for a few days and I got pretty disappointed and pissed off, I don't think I want to torment myself by doing it again
  3. Hmm, well if you dont mind (If) I ever get the game running would you like to join me? Perhaps its better played with a friend than going in alone and without knowledge.
  4. It wouldn't be that bad but you have to get training for things before you can do it, you need skill points for that and yeah, those can be a pain in the *** to get, based on how much I played, anyway, it gives you some default stuff, and you can take that off to have points for new stuff, which is nice
  5. Hmm Alright bro thanks for the info. I will definatly have it in consideration when I try it out.
  6. Planetside is pretty unbalanced, if you want to play it for the infantry combat then you'll be disappointed, but if you like mech and vehicle combat then you'll like it, I personally wanted to play for the infantry combat and was disappointed, although it was still exciting, there's a small community so if you piss too many people off you're basically hated forever
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