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  1. :c .
  2. I haven't turned the thing on for a while actually. been pc gamin'.

    I'll accept it soon, though :]
  3. BRO. GET JOURNEY. We can Journey together. Also, y u no accept my friend request?
  4. So I herd u has come to the dark side (PS3)? Awesome :3
  5. turns out spotify is not a thing that canadians can have.
  6. Might be fun. I just found out you can actually listen "with" other people, because my friend Dan jumped on to the album I'm listening to with me. Its pretty neat.
  7. spotify? I could try it out if you like :]. I've been using
  8. I deleted my facebook and readded you to avoid all that "timeline" shit...I believe its going to be mandatory soon, so I'd rather have a clean slate.

    Anyway, do you use Spotify? You and the Skald are probably the only two people I'd really care what you listened to out of my various online friends haha. Maybe Avarance too.
  9. Oh wow lol! I know the perfect person to get this for as a Christmas present. Good find!
  10. Hahahaha. I'm just wondering if they were that scared of me for being a little annoyed, how scared are they going to be when I walk in there at 2 AM to buy smokes 8/10 drunk like I usually do rofl.
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