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  1. YOU! My MSN may or may not be working properly in adding people. Can you PM me your address, so I can add on my side? If you're still checking this account that is (though I suspect you will be, at least for the next lil bit)
  2. Whoops, lol. Not paying enough attn >.<
  3. silly. leaving comments on yr own profile :]. but thanks
  4. ok, I added you :]. I admit it's totally mercenary, because I don't have any programmer friends. when are you usually on?
  5. Lol, yeah, sure, no problem.
  6. yo, do you mind if I add you on msn? I remember you saying it was ok before, but that was a while ago and I lost the pm.
  7. Too true, unfortunately

  8. xd

  9. maybe if I close my eyes it won't see me...
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