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  1. Ehhh..I don't really get the add-on games.
    I just get the main games..but I do hope they put Empires on Ps2.
  2. Yeah maybe its only 30 dollars, since DW 6 didn't do as well and DW 6 empires is coming out soon.. but dunno for PS2.. xD
  3. WUT? Seriously??
    How come I never heard about it? D;
    Nehhhh...maybe EBgames still has it. >.<
  4. No, its just been out for a while.. LOL
  5. Are you serious?
    They got sold out THAT fast?
    I need DW6. =\
  6. Nah, just go to your locale best buy, or walmart.. haha. I am not sure if they still sell it though.
  7. Hmmm..
    I thought DW6 on Ps2 was for only Japan...
    They released it here??
  8. Well, I was with Wu, that is until I played Ma Chao in DW 6. He is so virtuous :P. So 2 fav guys are Ma Chao and Sun Ce. Also, they have DW 6 on PS2, I dun have Ps3 Or xbox 360 either..
  9. I never got a chance to try DW6. D;
    I don't have a Ps3 or a 360. =\
    But it's the first game I will get when I do get a 360. (Which will be soon..I hope)

    So...You're with Wu?! D;<
  10. *gasps* a fellow dynasty warriors lover! Well, I never really liked my father, except his outfit in DW 6..
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