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    Enjoy the game, the slow motion cut and slash never gets old.
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    Some advice in Dead Island, don't pick Purna. You don't get guns until you are a fair bit into the game, and don't get decent guns until later. Besides, guns don't kill zombies as well. Learn to stomp as early as possible, it's almost 1hko when zombies are down. And if you picked Logan, just grab and take useless knives and chuck n' forget. Only thing he has going for him is his fury, and gets tired way too fast until you get conditioning. Sam and Xian are the folder and cannon, for down to earth smash and cut.
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    Yeah, I've seen most of the new models ^^. Glad you gave me that link though, never hurts to remind myself of the awesomeness to come! Easily the best thing I like about these new models is how different they look from one another. Orcs really looks like orcs and not humans with bad teeth ^^. Oh! And Khajit actually have fur now so that's a plus.
    I'm also glad they went back to the Morrowind look with Dunmers, it suits them much better than the Oblivion look.

    I don't know which race I'll play first yet. Both Argonian and Khajit look nice, but so do the Dunmer. I usually go with a sneaky class and Nord doesn't really fit that description so they are out ^^.
    By the way, I don't think it's generic that you go with a Nord first. They fit the world so they are an easy choice, plus they look cool.
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    Funny how you greeted me a few minutes after posting your previous comment. x) I know, but lately I've felt like I'm the last to post (or to post when everything becomes "quiet"). Yay, you understood! I sometimes get lost in my own words, backtrack, and completely lose people. Well, that seemed to happen with Cerelis's skills, now that I look at it.

    It's okay. I had to reread my CS as well, considering I forgot the names of Hiro's spells.

    To answer the main question: no, neither Cerelis nor Hiro can influence/manipulate/lift a dragon (or anything as large as it). xD

    The mirror/reflect image you have as well as the comotose state are both correct, but as far as the contracted person, Cerelis just has to know the person in order to contact them. Think Death Note (the need for a name and face), but she obviously can't kill them.
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    Yeah, and the time restraint of the movie prevents all the added bonuses of the book. After all, look what happened with "Harry Potter." People have to watch "Part 1" and wait until "Part 2" is released, which must be a pain. It's best when a movie is condensed, and as (I think) I've said before, I really like the main actor. He also played in "Beastly" around the time of "I Am Number Four" (I think ), and the characters were truly different (but he had the "lurker" role in both, possibly their only similarity, apart from a touch of romance).

    For some reason (even though I haven't really played it), "I Am Number Four" reminds me of "Infamous." When I saw the demo for "Infamous 2," the dude was shooting magic out of his hands, which reminded me of John's legacy.

    Ah, I need a PS3...
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    Yeah, in the end, the "privacy" feature isn't that helpful, especially when I constantly see accounts being banned (proving that not everyone can be trusted).
    Meh, I sometimes take my time replying as well (mostly for Takesh), but I'm glad you replied so quickly (and on the day I found a computer! Temporarily, of course). And after you recovered, I caught something. Luckily, it only causes me to get dizzy at times, and I can function. :3

    Well, if you read any of what Takesh and I are discussing (another "private" feature made public for snooping eyes ), you'd know that I can talk (and so can Takesh). Actually, the latest comment beside my recent ones are from Takesh! How about that? x)
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    Okay, I'll start with the basics. Cerelis can project herself (only) into a contacted person's mind, either in dreams, or while they are conscious (but her form is like an illusion, but even though she can contacted more than one person, with each person contacted, her visibility is halved).

    Dangerous State: Cerelis can project another person (like astro projection) before someone, and they can touch or hold inanimate objects.

    Weaknesses: Any damage dealt to the projected person or Cerelis herself is reflected upon Cerelis's body. Also, the longer the the projection lasts, the harsher the mental strain. As for the projected person, everything that is inflected upon Cerelis physically becomes mental wounds to them (it'll feel like internal wounds, but nothing will be present and therefore it can't be healed). Oh, and only one person (besides Cerelis) can be projected.
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    Hi! I willl now inform you of the abilities that may or may not be a risk for including in my post (which will be posted as soon as my computer's fixed).

    Hiro's berserk state: Semis and Ingravus act as uniting forces, rather than separately. The magnetic rocks can form shapes that have an opening as well as attach to the ground. A strong gale enters through the base, which has enough space to suck someone within the structure. Combined with the gravitational pull that follows the shape of the rocks, the person within will suffer until released through the opening.

    Weaknesses: If you haven't noticed, only one person can be assaulted by this spell. Also, there are serious side effects on the caster, such as memory loss, lack of control, loss of awareness/consciousness, blackout, and temporary paralysis. All in all, it is a dangerous skill that has many sacrifices and is best to use as a last resort.

    Next will be Cerelis's abilities!
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    Actually, I discovered upon logging off, you can't see anyone's profile picture. :O So, I guess you automatically can't see someone's profile picture unless you log in, kind of like taking away the reply button if you don't have an account.
    Still, I'm shocked you replied to my (meaningless?!) comment so quickly! How are you feeling? I hope you get better soon!

    It's always hard to begin conversations, but they tend to begin randomly. Well, it certainly was different from asking "How's the weather?" or something like that.

    Oh, I don't know if I told you this or not, but I finished reading "I Am Number Four." I was sad that Henri didn't survive in the book (he died a lot sooner in the movie), but I'm glad John didn't perish as well. Oh, and I'm also happy Bernie Kosar lived! But there is something I've been wondering about for awhile now, ever since John became John Smith: What is his real name? .
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    Whoa, I just realized that your profile picture doesn't show up when I'm not logged in. :O How did you make it so that only your friends could see how you look (I'm assuming only friends can see your profile picture).

    Sorry, I know this is a random comment, but...well, this could also be the start of a bunch of random conversations, like with Takesh.
    (Of course, just because something is random doesn't mean it's meaningless.)
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