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    I see. I hope not (wait, define "mature"). O.O I have pink shirts! >:O Though I don't really like pink. xD I prefer blue! (And recently, purple...)

    III - I'm totally not following the rules when I post (I just post where the word limit cut me off). xD

    Nice, forcing a German biology teacher to teach German. xD Aw, I want German desserts. Meanie! >:o (Joke)

    For a second there, I almost believed you (but I thought I saw "comic" book ). I just watched it because when I first saw the main character on the manga while I was browsing for manga, I thought he looked cool (isn't that every girl's excuse to read/watch an anime/manga they know nothing about?). But for some reason, it was interesting. o.o The op music helped too! xD .hack//Sign isn't a board game, but meh (actually, the idea of being trapped in a game doesn't sound boring at all!). T_T Now I want to rewatch .hack//Sign, but I "swore" I wouldn't return to the .hack "world" after my PS2 "died" on me. :/
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    Ah, sorry to break it to you, but while I FEEL motivated to do something, it hardly matches with whether I WANT to do something. xD That's why it's taking me so long to post on ED (I feel like posting, but I can't post until I know what I want to post, you know?). Yeah, the other contracts caused a "craving," whereas Hei just ate whenever he felt like it. Meanwhile, Misaki seemed to have a big appetite as well. Yeah, especially Yin. I couldn't even watch the end of HP. xD Read faster! >:o (Joke!)

    II - Dude, you're killing me! I have 8 VMs now! (Though I blame Takesh xD)

    A job is a job. From 4 hours to 2 hours to...0? :O

    Anglo's always busy now, though he participated (along with everyone else but Gecko) in the group song game. Nah, but I will have to retake the written test if I don't get a license in September (and don't find that permit in order to practice!). :O No drunken parents? Lucky!
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    II/II - Shortened it. o.o

    We have only one laptop, but my mom rarely touches it (mine!). Cool! I'm thinking of filling out an application my mom just got me for 18 year olds and up. *sweatdrop* Oh, the pressure... ! Haha! Takesh with his pink bike and now you with your sister's pink iPod. x)

    Do you like taking German class? :O Good food, or bad? O.O You should at least youtube the music. Haha! xD I was telling you why I watch it, is all.

    Shouldn't you read a book when not near a computer? xD Yeah, I hate filler-arcs, especially when it's tiring enough to watch anime that extends how long it would take to read the manga (anime is so slow!). Yeah, I think only Hikaru no Go was one of the few anime I prefered over the manga.
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    Your enthusiasm is making me want to watch Darker Than Black all over again. xD Yeah, I guess, but you kind of knew something was "strange" about Hei, like the fact that he had EMOTIONS! :O Ah, yeah, it was like they were dying just for the heck of it, kind of like in Harry Potter. But don't worry. Somehow or another, they come back (...I think). :/ I don't think the relationship will go anywhere, even in season 2 (though he does have the kids; all he needs is the "mother"). Yay, read the manga and catch up with Takesh and I!

    You're doing better than me with the job, life, and friends. o.o

    Who knows? :O But he's not as chatty as before. :/ I lost my permit. O.O Or you drive said parent or guardian to a liquor store or something. xD
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    Ah, I never joined a language club, despite some having free food (my only reason to join a club I don't know much about). xD I just like how they bring "old school" music and "new school" music together, transcending the barrier of generation music. I haven't watched much of the show, but I've seen Glee Projects (I'm a girl, so I come for the passion to put your foot forward in order to surpass the other talented singers and actors around you and I stay for the cute boys ).

    Wow, you buy manga? o.O I stopped that as soon as I realized there are sites to read manga for free. xD Psh, I have too many friends who like Naruto to judge you. I personally loved the show (at first), but it got too long and I usually don't read manga that I saw the anime version of before-hand (except when I REALLY want to know the ending, like D. Gray Man). But I'll try, conidering I feel left out and I really want to know one thing: is Naruto's dad not really dead?!
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    Ah, how did you like Darker Than Black? Was it surprising? I thought for sure Hei would have ended up with Misaki. Ah, unrequitted love.~ Not much of that in Deadman Wonderland, but it's there, hidden amongst the psychological factors and gore. xD

    Yup, you can find games, talk to random newbs, find what's new, then return to RPing before you realize you wasted your whole day away.

    That or he likes to talk a lot. ;p No, because I have to focus on getting my license this year or my permit will expire. O.O Nice! My mom works till around 5pm, but because she often gives people rides, do tasks for people, and goes off on her own (like to a bar or something), I can never be sure when she's off work or not. :o

    (Part 2)

    My list (mostly manga) takes up most of my Favorites, which bugs my mom.

    Well, at least you are in high school without job experience and not in college without job experience. xD I have headphones for my laptop and music from youtube and iTunes. o.o
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    How many movies have you/will you watch? :O

    The hardest part about applications is putting down prior work experience. :/ If I don't have a job now, I was obviously too lazy to do work in the past. xD My mom and I were suppose to work on one for GameStop, but I quit after things fell around me due to workers leaving their stuff around for our new windows. Music always works (with headphones).

    There's no art club?! :O Wow, talk about an uneventful school. If anything, my high school had just about every club (I think a Glee club started up a bit after Glee aired on TV xD).,, to name a few (and only ones I know of that I use). can still be used to search randomly for manga and translators, just not to read them. Manga Fox has discussions about mangas, mangareader has a "surprise me!" button, and Manga Here may have more manga chapters and better quality.
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    Yay, you watched it! You'll love the manga. Expect gore like Mortal Combat and Mature humor, but also a twist to the "ideal" hero. Oh yeah. I gave up tons of animes to watch new ones. xD

    F-furcadia. (Don't judge me! I stuck to PG rated areas and places of interest, like Kingdom Hearts rooms.) I tried to branch out after discovering OnRPG, but I couldn't juggle sites (and too many friends on here now xD). I don't regret it, and neither should you.

    I have a ton of PMs between me and Anglo. xD Yeah, I'd probably end up buying games and consoles with my money as well, but the hardest part is transportation (or should I say, when I'm allowed to use the bus and stop being treated like a little girl!). o.o Fast food places are a good start, though I haven't even thought of sending an application to said places.
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    My summer's been pretty much the same, except for random surprises and less job applications filled out (completely). O.O Wow, you can drive at 14?! Well, if she nags again, tell her I'm 18 years old without my license. xD Yes, it's all about driving yourself to work (my mom nags too, but I've managed to tune her out for years xD ).

    Nothing happens here either. o.o Why not join a club?

    Ah, why not watch the Deadman Wonderland (DW) AMV I posted above and decide yourself? We were just comparing the carnage to the manga and how censored the anime is. xD
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    Sorry, I thought I replied to your latest message. :/

    Yeah, the one thing that is difficult to incorporate in English essays is your imagination. It's too stressful to stay within all the restrictions and still flaunt your creativity. RPing, on the other hand, mostly limits the maturity level (no dirty actions) and maintaining respect (no Goddmoding and such). Oh and keeping within the genre. It's both relieving and a bit nerveracking to have that much freedom. o.o

    You can't send me a PM because my inbox is full. ._. Yeah, I tried the Rifleman for a bit, but quit it immediately. xD (It would have been cooler if your mouse directed the bullets! ) Yeah, you'll like warrior. Tell me what his name is when you make him.

    Yesterdaym my family had a huge argument over who gets a hamburger. :/ I also got I Am Number Four, the novel! How's your summer?
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