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    Oh yeah, speaking of what Andrim would do I remembered what I sort of considered the end plan for him, or at least an option at some point, since I had no idea what kind of crazy scheme you were planning Takesh.

    I figured that Kinos would survive at the end, and maybe the group would go to meet them (since ya know, dragon slaying requires explanations) and maybe then Andrim would decide to kill him there and there, moon metal or not, since he was slightly unstable when it came to his anger management in the revenge department. Then I figured he could fusion himself into the tower, his special power already let himself fuse in small parts of himself, so why not all of him in the end when he mastered earth completely?

    Truth be told I just wanted to end up as a slightly cursed, sentient tower in the end.
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    Sorry to butt in, but I saw you and Befram messaging. The RP section hasn't been deleted! Apparently "MMO Date Online is the name given during our staff April Fool's prank, but it was neglected to be changed back." So yes, it is pretty dead still, but I am currently trying to revitalize it. Would you still be interested in roleplaying?
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    "gasp" how could you forget Andrim? I'm joking of course, had forgotten all the names as well. And yeah a real pity we didn't get there, a lot of fighting there at the end I got to say:P So Xalrek (big bad dragon) was basically just trying to reform himself all this time, if I got it right? And I imagine Andrim would have joined in against Reed at the end, with Kinrais father dead he had really just lost a major goal, and I believe some sort of comraderie must have grown from all the characters running around, risking life and limb. Pity though that he would never have gotten the chance to use those moon metal items he'd forged, but that's what rp is, nothing goes as planned.
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    Yikes, and here I still am, probably stuck for another 5-6 years of studying, unless my memory is completely falling apart. Anyhow, I probably asked this before but did you know how Amn would end? Just the general idea of it I mean, can be a bit difficult to be exact when there's a bunch of other people throwing their characters in.

    Still, I just hate the idea of a story unfinished so hence the question^^.
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    Why in the world do I answer you in my own visitor messages? Anyhow, frequent is a strong Word for me, mostly realised I should check what happened with the rest of you, cause no matter how it ended I had a fun time with you guys. That being said I check here for replies from time to time, on another note, man I'm regretting not saving Fieryfly's christmas videos now.
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    Hmm, did the group get deleted?
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    Any problem if I take temporarily control of Cirno for my post?

    Edit: well too late to stop me now. Not that it really mattered though "shrugs".
  8. Hello Takesh. Nice to meet you.
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    Wouldn't it be 5?!

    You should! And then, when KH: 3D comes out, you'll be all caught up story wise! Ah, speaking of PSP, I gave my PSP and KH:BbS game to my friend. I wonder if I'll ever get it back. Luckily, she didn't delete my saved files.

    Yeah, magic works well against Vanitas. Or, "kill or be killed."

    Yeah, but you kind of did go there with Aqua. Well, in any case, she's the only Master that time...

    At least you know you aren't sexist. xD That and your girlfriend will know no one will bully her with you around.

    Well, Aqua put Ventus in a room within Castle Oblivion, but I think Terra/Xehanort had Castle Oblivion created to get closer to Ventus, despite forgeting about him. Ventus's heart entering Sora is the Secret Ending. Aqua was in the Realm of Darkness. Continued in KH: 3D!
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    Short? Well, I'll just add some updated information! I started working on Avant Bastion. I decided it to be like a tower, with several floors, as followed:


    Base: Forbidden/Storage/Mirror Room
    1: Workers Corridor
    2: Bathing Area
    3: Student Dorms
    4: Lounging/Entertainment/Rec Area
    5: Medical Treatment
    6: Artificial Garden - endless supply of edible food (new technology that "cloned" food from the past).
    7: Shopping Area
    8: Dining Area
    9: Self-Learning Area
    10: Academy
    11: Private Tutoring
    12: Dorm of Scholars
    13: Dorm of Educators

    Yeah, it is a difficult piece. But then, that's what makes Final Fantasy music so amazing!

    Yup! And the response: "Well, you know, blah blah blah...but not really." Ah, people make complicated things simple all the time. How else are novels created?

    So...Sentinels are world creators? :O
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