About LOTO

LOTO is a free 2d mutiplayer game that is simple and easy to play.
The game has quite a few features such as pvp,fighting,gulids ect that all work fine.
The graphics for LOTO are clear and well made yet are goal now before realease is too add more feautres to are already good game.


im trying to make this game simple and easy to play at moment its in devolpment i got a fourm
with some screen shots and info about the game all thats needed now is a few more tweaks to the game.

Thank you , frazer

fourm ..... http://loto.onlinemmorpg.net/forum.htm

ps. reply too this thread and tell us what you think also if you want to be
one of the first people to play the game in its beta stage then reply to this thread
and maybe join the forum to get a postion