The world has always seemed to be "normal" to the normal hums. But others....the humans that aren't as normal have experienced many things whether good or bad, they had to endure the outcome. These humans these unique humans have been here from the beginning of time forced to hide in the shadows of reality suppressing there unique abilities. These humans knew if they revealed there abilities there would be utter chaos and they wouldn't want to be responsible for those occurrences. Fear consumed their minds so they decided not to use these unique abilities. Many went on with normal life trying there hardest to stay normal. This task that they tried to carry out, staying normal was futile there was either two things to happen. 1.They would either die from the build up in there ability and it couldn't be contained in the body all at once and expelled itself from that body causing the body to shut down. 2. they would get sick and come very close the the first result. If these conditions weren't dealt with soon all the unique humans suppressing there powers would die out from the energy build up.

Many of these unique humans were very intelligent due to the lack of knowledge of how they had such unbelievable powers they researched and analyzed their capabilities thoroughly but couldn't find anything. Many tried to find alternatives in suppressing these freakish powers, but all methods failed. There seemed to be no way in suppressing these blessing to some and a curse to others. Creating a panic among the unique humans higher beings known as the Universal Council put all the tools of there plan to flourish. To make a panic among the special humans and turn the other world full of humanoid like beings called "Shurin." The Shurin take the form of human characteristics. The Universal Council pulled all the unique humans together and told them about the threat that was about to appear. All the while they were setting them up for a major blood bath.

They waited one years for the willing unique humans that where to fight time left to train there abilities further. The Shurin where targeting for all man kind and only a few hundred of the human forces were willing to fight. Others were afraid of death and not being excepted from the humans if they were to win afterwords. There were few that absolutely contained full control of their ability within that year. Most were old that had durable bodies and were trained in some for of fighting art already. It have been way easier for them to adapt because of there long having discipline. The year had past which seemed like only 2 mouth and all the willing human forced made their way to the grounds of war. As all of the human forced stood in front of the opening, breathing and praying. They stood there ground and awaited for the foe to show themselves. As expected the gate to that world and the human world opened and revealed an overflowing armada of Shiru. Many of which underlings to the superiors weaklings in there eyes. The Shurin advanced beyond the gate and the humans readied themselves for the assault a series of yells escaped the opposing forces mouths. "KILL THEM ALL!!!" That said the frontal line stayed in place and the lessers advanced forcefully blood thirsty, ready to kill.

The lessers of the human forces advanced as well and began to attack just as the evil armada. They pitted there abilities against each other to the est of their abilities. The human forces was holding up steadily they stood up to them without much trouble. Suddenly there was one of the elite among their forces to peer above them all and cast a shadow blast towards all of the soldiers not concerned at all about the safety of even his allies. The advanced team of the human side quickly counteracted the attack and forced them back a bit into the gate. The humans tactics were to seal a great deal of them back to their own world. After like 3 days of fighting the humans successfully pushed them back and some of the elites sealed the gates with their energy. The battle was hard and seemed like it lasted forever. Lives were lost, good and bad but in the end the humans had taken the victory for the time being. People went back to their homes, the ones who survived and weren't treated at all differently. Turns out the Universal Council had wiped away the memories of all humans that didn't own special powers. Now the unique humans know that they could use there powers....but use them wisely.

New Beginnings (Present):

The battle that took place so long ago was never forgotten, nor could it be. Nine generations followed the occurrence all the children and grand children of the powerful humans that fought in the battle. The humans of this generation was still blind to the perception and it was the task of the descendants children of the warriors to keep it that way. They all obtained powers similar to what their ancestors had. Each child or teen posses an amazing gift but.....this generation, though it is there task they are not ashamed of there abilities at all and refuse to suppress them in any way. Yet many of them were born without control or restraint and use the powers recklessly, such as getting into a fight and accidentally blow a kid through a wall. While some had more control and will power to hold there powers at a reasonable manner. These people have been trained science there child hood in order to master their abilities. Some were put through training in order to be the guardians of their families. But as there was a small breeze of peace a sudden change of atmosphere accord and turned the world back to where the old warriors were. The new generation was to take on many threats but this time there were fully prepared.

A man by the name of Yushino had started a school for the new obtainers of power for them to hon there skills and use them for the good of all the humans. The school created was Titled Darks Academy a gifted school for the gifted. The Academy sends out invitations to all new comers to the world and reality of their abilities. It teaches many things of combat,restrain/control, and regular school.


Dear _____ ,

You have been selected by a prestigious school that would value your attendance. We have a vast amount to offer you, all benefits and nothing more. Please hear us out , we know everything that you feel we all have been through it, every member of this school has. We know what the feeling is like having abilities you find..and feel are impossible to have, but you have them and they are a gift and it's important that you do everything in your ability to make the world with these gifts you have. Before you do that you must know control and we want to teach you. Please take this into consideration. Thank you.

Darks Academy

There Game is what you decide. Become a deadly Shurin or become play a student of the infamous Darks Academy.

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