Buying hardware? READ THIS FIRST PLEASE!

Points that could be vital information necessary for others to help you are in RED. Use your own judgment on what to include and what to leave out. Also feel free to ask any sort of questions in your thread, this is what this section is for.

One of the most important things you can do is list your budget!

Buyers help

I) Describe what Hardware you are interested in (if you already know that).
So if you've already got your eye on the Radeon GTI1000x, be sure to mention it!

- Hardware type (Desktop/Laptop/Custom Build/Single Component)
- Brands of preference
- minimum specs

Grafic card, Processor, Mainboard, Ram, PSU, Harddisks (int/ext), Input devices, Case

II) Describe the tasks you will need the Hardware for.

"My PC is going to be used for:
- Watching HD quality videos
- Internet Browsing
- Office use and Presentations
- Video Editing/Ripping/Converting/Media
- Gaming (MMORPGs, Shooters/Racing games, Real time strategy, Browser games)"

If you're going to use your computer for gaming, be sure to mention your goal performance, and how much money you are willing to spend to reach that goal!

In case you plan to upgrade an existing system, or reuse parts, describe your former PC's specs

- Everything you know
- In case you want to upgrade a prebuilt PC, the brand name and model name/number (Example: Dell, Studio XPS 8000)
- Your Power supply unit's power output or brand name and model name/number
- Mainboard brand name and model name/number

IV) Describe how you plan on purchasing

- Where you are from
- Do you consider buying on-line
- What is your budget

V) Are you planning on building it yourself?

- How knowledgeable would you describe yourself (Example: Have you ever built and serviced a PC yourself?)

Good luck!