Please try to provide to answers to as many of the following points as possible when requesting help in the tech-section!
It will make it easier for others to understand and address your problem and in turn, you will get faster, better and more help.
The more complete, the better; Even seemingly irrelevant information could prove to be useful!
Points that could be vital information necessary for others to help you are in red. Use your own judgment on what to include and what to leave out. Also feel free to ask any sort of questions in your thread, this is what this section is for.

Technical Problem Report
Give as much relevant information as you can, to get the best feedback!

Describe your Problem in general

- How did you become aware that there is a problem (Exact errors and error codes can be very helpful)
- When did it first happen and what did you do
- Is it reproducible, how frequent does it occur

II) Describe your Software: (if the problem is related to software)

- What type of OS do you use, and what version of it
- What type of Browser do you use and what version of it (including which Service-pack do you use, on XP/VISTA/Windows 7)
- What kind of security software do you use (Anti virus, Firewall, Male-ware scanner)
- What kind of Software is linked to your problem
- Did you make any recent changes to software beforehand (Drivers or programs)

III) Describe your Hardware
(if the problem is related to hardware)

- Complete technical specs of your system
- Do you access the Internet over a rooter, or a modem by cable, or wireless
- Description of any existing network, that the PC is usually connected too, including a rough description of the other systems (OS) and how they are connected to the Internet and each other
- Did you make any recent changes to the hardware
- What is your hardwares status (Temps, SMART, etc.)

IV) Describe your experience with the problem

- What you know and is relevant to the problem, and how you discovered it

Good luck, hopefully we can help you.