Hello one and all

The game is in its open beta stage
Story Line

Global Mafia war occurred in the early 1960s. The aftermath revealed for the first time in public the existence of the Mafia Commission. The Commission was an organization devoted to the furtherance of their members own wealth and power made up of the heads of the Mafia Families. The war began in Palermo and spread throughout the world to places as far away as Caracas, Venezuela. It lasted just a few years and began in the fruit and vegetable wholesale market though the final straw was an underweight heroin shipment. It was incredibly bloody and the aftermath resulted in nearly 2,000 arrests one with 114 defendants. Do you have what it takes to become a Crime lord join up free today and play the very fast growing Global-Mafia.

We are are free to play mafia game we would like to invite every one to come play and give us feed back on the forums takes literally 2 seconds to join up Players that joi up and are helpfull will be given a Beta testing donations package as well as being added to Orc moderator status

so i would like to invite you all and hopefully we can make the game a much better game thank you for your time


Im seeking a PHP coder if any 1 on here is that please get in contact with me on here or on the game

same username : Jaykelvik

thansk xD