Welcome to the game development section. One of the deadest corners of OnRPG! But that's okay! A few of us are still here Ostensibly, this forum is everything to do with game development, though in practice, it's more oriented towards programming (given that that's what I do), but advice about pretty much any aspect of the process can be had here.

Whether you're a beginner with no experience making games, or someone who's been around a bit longer, everyone's welcome. There are absolutely no stupid questions! Feel free to ask anything, from a question as basic to "How does I make games!?" to "Do you have any suggestions for a hierarchical space partitioning algorithm for situation X?" to "Does anyone know a good modeling program?". Try and search around first, but no one'll get too mad if you ask a repeat (it's pretty dead in here). Usually, stuff gets answered within the day, but no promises.


For those of you who've been here before, here's what just happened (I know there's one or two of you). Things were getting cluttered, and since the game development forum is relatively inactive, things have been slashed down to one section, which, IMO makes sense. I'm also going to be making some minor changes to the section in general; hopefully making it somewhat more active, by making it more relevant and generally more interesting.