Hello all,

my name is Petertos and I've written this post to introduce you to the new game I've developed: Spies by Dolmenent.com. It's a multiplayer game, played by Facebook, by nine people, and the objective of the game is to guess other players faction and weapon to be able to kill them and win the game.

It's a demi-instantaneous text game (MOG) and it's free to play.

If you enter the website below (home of the game) and login, you can join game number #10 (I've created it) to start playing the game. You can write something at the Facebook forums either if you like (for instance, if you've created a game and want people to join).

If you have any questions or comments write them down here or email me through the contact section of the game. There's another small game on the platform called King of the Mountain, free to play either.

Thank you so much and happy gaming!!


Best regards,