Hello all!

I know I'm new here and this is actually my first post, but I'm looking for people who can help me out and at the same time, want to join a very awesome and dedicated clan!

I'am apart of the PMS|H2O Clan which was started in 2002 (PMS) and 2004 (H2O). We started off as an all female gaming clan, but since our inception we've grown to be much more! We're now the largest female multi-platform clan in the world and we have an awesome brother clan, H2O.

Just recently, myself and other players have went through a division trial to create a division for the game Forsaken World. We have a small guild that is growing, but I've realized we need to think bigger and reach out more people than just in-game recruitment.

So, I ask if anyone on this forum is really interested in the game or would like to join, please PLEASE message me and I will help get you set up.

Before you make your final decision, you're probably wondering what does it take to be apart of the guild?

Well, feel free to apply to join our guild, BUT within 48 hours you have register on our forums (www.pmsclan.com) and post a recruitment application to the recruit sectionof our forums. If you submit the application, then we're good to go and we start your recruitment. If you don't, you will be kicked out the guild after the 48 hours.

Now, answering that question probably brought on more questions, like what exactly is recruitment? To save my fingers, I'm going to direct you to our recruitment guide we have set up. It will let you know everything you need to do in order to have a successful recruitment in the PMS|H2O Clan.

If you want to know more about how we run the guild, check out PMSoldiers Guild Guide and our new practice schedule!

It may seem complicated, but honestly it's not!

Thank-you for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on here or own the clan forums and make sure to visit us @ www.pmsclan.com!

PMS Victory
PMS|H2O NA Forsaken World- Division Leader