This game is totally free 2d RPG kinda like shining force but an mmo. You create a party of up to 5 hirelings out of wizards, paladins, ninja's, samurai, knights, priests, rangers or even monsters. You equip them with spells/weapons/armor and each hireling has its its own level and attributes. Theres quests, pvp, group pvp, tournies, guilds, arena battles, fort battles, and so much more!! Huge maps to explore, maybe create a guild and take over forts to gain your guilds status. You can learn spells that allow you to soul capture monsters, demons and huge creatues and then you can gear them up use them as one of your party members. Heres a screen shot to one of the battles, I will try and get more up soon.

Heres a link to the download if you want to test it out.

all you gotta do is download the game, unzip the file and run the application no files to install it runs the hole game out of the folder.