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Thread: (Site) MMOHut News discussion 13-03/20-03

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    Default (Site) MMOHut News discussion 13-03/20-03

    Updates that were made in the week from the 6th of March until the 13th of March:

    Patches or Patch-announcements:
    Trickster Online: Trickster Online has launched patch 2.36.2, adding part of a world update as well as making changes to Fiesta.
    Caballa Relics, Oops Warf, Mermaid Palace, and other zones have received important updates. Dungeons now have mini-maps, and experience and TM gains have been improved. The job change quests have also been improved to be more interesting. Finally, Fiesta Zone is now available every two hours, although it can only be entered twice every 24 hours.

    [URL=""]Click here to see the article on MMOHu

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    I got a big feeling that realm of titan wont be a sucess hmm.
    I hope for the best thou.

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