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Beta/Alpha Launches or Announcements:
Metal Assault: As of April 1st Metal Assault has begun its closed beta testing phase. It's a 2D side-scrolling MMORPG published by Aeria Games. There is no released date for the Open Beta yet and there will be a wipe after Closed Beta.

Rise of the Immortals: The Rise of the Immortals will begin its Closed Beta testing phase on April 5th. The game is a MOBA-style game with games like League of Legends sharing the same genre.

C21: On April 1st 2011 CyberStep announced a brand new MMORPG called C21. It is supposed to be a Prequel to Cosmic Break. The game will begin its Closed Beta testing phase on April 7th and it will run for 10 days. You do not need a Beta-key to play the game.

Black Prophecy: On March 23rd, Black Prophecy launched its Closed Beta phase in the US. There is no official release date for the US Open Beta yet. The game is already in Open Beta in Europe.

Update Launches or Announcements:
M.A.T. On March 30th Subagames released its March update for Mission Against Terror. In the update, 2 new maps were added (Kahdahar Border Post and Zi Ling Park) as well as the Suba Soaker water gun, Suba Light (beer), Bricks, Pig Bomb, Turtle Bomb, Noise Jammer, Royal Purple costume, Fairy Fantasy costume, and robot suits. Unfortunately these are only temporary for April's Fools.

Runescape: Jagex has highlighted a bunch of new changes in Runescape. In non-PvP areas you can now choose the items you retain and you will also keep your coins, quest items and common low-value items. You can also choose where to respawn.

Dragon Saga: On March 31st, Dragon Saga has launched its Verdurous Forest update. In this update there has been added a new area, the Verdurous Forest for level 45+ players, which also contains a new dungeon; the Van Cliff dungeon and the Undead Bone armor set.

MapleStory: On April 6th there will be a new update for MapleStory called Chryse. The new area is floating above Orbis and is for players of level 55 to 75. The boss in the area is called Xerxes and you can team up against him with 4 players.

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