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Beta/Alpha Launches or Announcements:
APB Reloaded: APB Reloaded has set its Open Beta date to May 18th. The game is being hosted by GamersFirst, which bought it after it had shut down when it was still Pay-to-Play.

Asda 2: On May 4th, Gamescampus announced that Asda 2 will begin its Closed Beta testing on May 5th. The Closed beta will close on May 9th. This update adds a new Soulmate system, dynamic weather and day/night cycles.

Realms Online: Realms Online has launched for North American players by GameSamba. Realms Online already existed as Regnum Online. The game mainly focusses on Realm vs Realm PvP.

Dragonsang Online: On May 3rd, BigBoy revealed that DragonSang will start its Open Beta sometime in June. The Open Beta will include 5 different languages. The game is a Diablo 2-style hack'n'slash game. It is a browser-based games.

Elsword Online: Elsword has officially launched. The game looks a lot like Grand Chase.

Update Launches or Announcements:
King of Kings 3: On May 2nd The Dragon God Resurrection update has launched for King of Kings 3. This is the first expansion pack for the game and it increases the level cap to 40, adds new specializations, which increases the class total to 27, a new dragon-base transformation, the ability to raise, tame and ride dragons, an expanded crafting system and a system called Soul of the Original Sin.

Grand Chase On May 3rd, Grand Chase Chaos officially went life. This is considered a relaunch and it adds a new dual weapon system in dungeons, a new fusion system for players to merge items together to make them more powerful, a re-balancing in terms of rewards and easier dungeon progression.

Other News:
MapleStory: MapleStory now exists for 6 years. There are events ingame.

Battle of the Immortals Battle of the Immortals celebrates its 1-year anniversary. There are several events to celebrate it ingame.