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Thread: Weekly Recap Discussion 24/10 - 30/10

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    Default Weekly Recap Discussion 24/10 - 30/10

    Click here to see the Weekly Recap video

    Full/Beta/Alpha Launches or Announcements:

    DC Universe Online
    DC Universe Online will be free to play starting on November 1st.

    Secret of the Solstice
    Outspark has announced that Secret of the Solstice will be shutting down on the 16th of November. There might be a migration of the players to a new server, but for now there is no official information on that.

    Frogster has launched the official website for their latest game; Eligium - The Chosen. With this launch, Frogster has announced the details of two races; namely Elves and Panda's.

    Brawl Busters
    This brawl-based game by Rock Hippo Productions will launch into open beta on the 3th of November. There will be two modes available, cosmetics and weapons.

    Digimon Masters
    Digimon Masters is finally going into official launch. The game includes real-time combat between players their pets, named Digimon of course.

    Update Launches or Announcements:

    Kings of Kings 3
    The latest expansion for Kings Of Kings 3 has been released. Moon Goddes will raise the level cap from 140 to 180. 200 new missions, and four dungeons have been added, as well as some other updates.

    Pangya is getting ready for there latest and largest update; Wiz City. This will add a new Golf Course in the Wiz City area, flying carpets can be used during the game and there will be giveaway events, art contests and more. Pangya is a golf-based MMO.

    Prius Online
    Stronghold of the North update has arrived in Prius Online. This is the largest update on the game since release and will give players the change to play in 3 new dungeons and a new Guild Siege Warfare. A couple of other updates have been added too.

    Rusty Hearts
    Another small update has been added for this side-scroll action based game by Perfect World Entertainment. Natasha, a new character, has been introduced. A gunslinger that is able to wield both pistols and shotgun.

    Forsaken World
    Perfect World Entertainment added Storms of War update to Forsaken World. Players can participate in a new 100 versus 100 PvP battle through Immortal Rift. Two new dungeons have been included, as well as new powerful Champion gear and more.

    Other News:

    Team Fortress 2
    Since this twitch-based cartoony shooter from Valve has gone Free to Play, it has recieved huge amount of player-increase. The playerbase has increased by five times as many since going Free to Play.

    Again, be sure to check out the Halloween-event that might be going on in your MMO.

    Happy Halloween!

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